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On 8/23/09, Thomas Backman <seren...@exscape.org> wrote:
First off: Not subscribed to this list, please make sure to Cc me if
you don't reply directly. :)

Anyway, I finally got my null modem cable, and plugged in in between a
machine running 8.0-BETA2 and one running WinXP using Hyperterminal.

My settings:


# Serial terminals
# The 'dialup' keyword identifies dialin lines to login, fingerd etc.
ttyu0   "/usr/libexec/getty std.115200" vt100   on secure

/boot.config (which is read properly):
-Dh -S115200

Anything wrong in the above?
Hyperterminal is set to 115200 bps, 8 bits, no parity, 1 stop bit, and
no flow control (if that's the correct translation to English).

On the serial console, I go from the screen with the FreeBSD logo,
with single-user options etc. (which works fine), and then nothing,
until a login tty pops up (which also works fine). The main, if not
only, reason I want a serial console is to be able to use it for
single user mode, DDB, and so on.
All kernel messages, and all rc messages are seen only on the graphics
card; the serial console receives nothing but the "/boot.config: -
Dh ...", the logo screen, and then the login screen, during startup
and *nothing* at all during shutdown. Also, I'm able to login and use
the system both via the serial console and via the graphics card/
keyboard... Is this supposed to be? I'm not complaining, I just got
the impression it was one or the other.

Any advice on how to get the kernel/rc messages etc. to the serial
console (only or as well)?


Do you use the VGA/vidconsole at all?

A serial-only device (think soekris, ALIX/WRAP boards) that has no VGA
will have different requirements than a serial-only device will.

Your loader.conf statements are different than mine in the definition
that you have more than I do to enable serial.

My loader.conf just has one statement:
 console="comconsole"  - to feed ALL bootloaders, kernel probing, rc
startup on the serial device.  /etc/ttys defines the login lines.

Though trial and error, I found when you use a dual-setup:
"comconsole,vidconsole", the first one (comconsole) will get rc
output, and vidconsole won't.

Of course, you're on 8.0 and I don't run BETAs.  So the 8.0 BETA might
still be having com port oddities, plus I noticed your ttys line is
ttyu0, not ttyd0.  Did 8.0 change the serial line device?

To enable a serial-only device in my setups:


# enable serial line, cons25 or vt100, depending if I'm originating
from a bsd or windows box.

Enabling dual-setups should be just the loader.conf change to dual console.


(Sorry for the lack of inline replies.)

I do have a graphics card, and ideally I'd like to be able to use both, but serial has higher priority (with serial access, I can use minicom on another *nix box and essentially ssh into DDB, and stuff like that - right now I have to borrow a monitor, and write info down manually if needed, turning my head back and forth).

I've tried lots of combinations of console=, including simply 'console="comconsole"' and/or combinations of that and -D, -h- -Dh and -P in /boot.config. The extra lines in loader.conf are from the handbook, which says they're needed to use comconsole_speed. It seems they do the same thing as -D and -h, though.

Oh, and re: /etc/ttys: Yup, it's ttyuX when using uart(4) which seems to be the default now. Actually, since my last buildworld half an hour ago I'm on 9.0-CURRENT. ;) Also, I made sure to set flags to 0x10 for the serial port as per the handbook (although I did it using loader.conf, not the kernel config); before the change, dmesg didn't mention any flags, but it now does. Didn't help squat, though.

"Though trial and error, I found when you use a dual-setup:
"comconsole,vidconsole", the first one (comconsole) will get rc
output, and vidconsole won't."
This doesn't mirror my experience; comconsole and comconsole,vidconsole appears to be just the same for me. I've never gotten anything except the boot loader and a login prompt over to the serial line - at least not at speed/settings that the client is set up to receive.

I'm gonna try 9600 bps soon just to be sure it isn't that, but seeing how many others have mentioned using "-S115200" I doubt it'll help.

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