Roger Rutz wrote:
I received the 4 disk pack of FreeBSD. I used the #1 CD to install The
Unix System. However, I do not know how to install the additional
applications from the remaininf 3 CD's.

There are three main methods of installing additional software under FreeBSD.

First is "distributions".  These are core parts of FreeBSD which can be
installed in different configurations.  XFree is one of these.  You can
add these during installation or after installation using /stand/sysinstall
by going to "Configure" -> "Distributions".

Second is packages.  These are third-party programs (not officially part of
the FreeBSD project) that can be added to the system.  Packages are
precompiled and ready-to-run, much like software in the Windows world.
You can install them by using /stand/sysinstall and going to "Configure" ->
"Packages".  Or you can download a package file and use pkg_add to install
it.  The first is simpler, as many packages require other packages before
they can be installed, and sysinstall does this for you.

The third (and my favorite) method is the ports system.  This is simply a
directory tree full of config files.  You change to the directory you want
and use the 'make' command.  The config file will tell make where to
download the source from and what to do to compile and install it.  Using
the ports is nice because you can edit the config file (called a "Makefile")
to customize exactly how the software is installed.  Using the ports takes
a lot of time, because the software is "compiled" from the original written
code before it is installed.  Depending on the speed of your computer, some
ports might take many, many hours to build and install.

Much more can be found here:

That is the FreeBSD handbook.  It is the best place to go to get your
questions answered.  It should also be on your newly installed FreeBSD
system in the /usr/share/doc/en/books/handbook directory.

If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to ask.

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies

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