Hello List,

I enabled a few WITHOUT_ options in src.conf. However, the
binaries for that still exists after a installworld. Is there an
automatic way to "clean up" the base install?

For example, I did a minimal install of 8.0-BETA2, csup'ed down
-CURRENT and set WITHOUT_RCMDS in src.conf . However, rsh is still
installed in /usr/bin  . However, the timestamp is from the original
install BETA2 build and not from my buildworld. For smaller items
like NTP this is fine, but for stuff like WITHOUT_SENDMAIL or
WITHOUT_LPR those binaries can get in the way of their replacements,
ie: Postfix and CUPS.

Anyway to to autoclean the base system?

Henrik Hudson
"God, root, what is difference?" Pitr; UF 

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