On Wed, Aug 26, 2009 at 08:45:47AM -0400, John Almberg wrote:
> Question: is it possible to just expand my existing /backup partition  
> to encompass both the current drive and the new drive? I'm guessing  
> not, since Chapter 8 in "Absolute FreeBSD" says that a partition is  
> part of a slice, which is part of a physical drive, but maybe some  
> bright person has come up with an app that overcomes that limitation.

You could use gconcat, but you'd have to partition, label and newfs this new
combined device which would render your current data unreadable. And on a
concatenated disk the risk of failure is increased. If one of the two drives
dies, you'll lose all data. If you want to combine disks, use some form of
RAID to protect yourself from a dying disk. :-)

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