On Sunday 30 August 2009 04:16, Doug Poland wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm experimenting with trying to boot from a RAIDZ on 8.0-BETA3 (amd64).
>   The environment is VMware.  I've been googling and reading what I can
> on this procedure, which sounds possible, but I have been unable to
> successfully get a system up and running with my technique.
> And this is far as I have been able to get.  Can anyone identify what
> I'm doing wrong, or overlooking?  Pointers to docs, man pages, URLs
> appreciated.

i'm sure that you have already checked this out, but there is a howto in the 
wiki pages

i tried this procedure twice on a i386 (once on a vm and once on an actual pc) 
and worked. (tho a nasty bug preventedme from keeping my root on zfs)
it's about a zpool and not raidz/z2, but i'm pretty sure that the same apply 
to those too.


God, root, what's the difference?

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