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> Dear Sir/Madam
> My server is running with FreeBSD i386 4.11 release. Now i want to install
> FreeBSD i386 6.1 release. 

First of all, do not use 6.1. It is not supported anymore. The current
production release is 7.2, with 8.0 not far off. At this moment 6.4 is still
supported but that will cease after 8.0 is released.

If you run into problems with 6.x, the first advice you will get is to update
to 7.2 and see if that fixes the problem. Avoid that extra work by installing
7.2 instead of 6.x.

Before you do any upgrading/installing, make sure you've backed up any
important data! :-)

> But it can not install from CD Rom. I have set the
> BIOS to run from CD-ROM first .It seems not running the CD at all. The
> CD-Rom is Sony CD-Rom CDU5211 USB Device. I don't need to keep the old
> configuration and just want to use FreeBSD i386 6.1 release. Please advise.

Set our system to boot from USB. Normally booting from CD-rom means from a
built-in CD-ROM!

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