> <snip 9 identical messages, based on the uncorrectable LBA error>
> Since it's all throwing errors at the same LBA, I'd run a SMART
> diagnostics on the drive (i think it's port sysutils/smartmontools)
> and see if it's showing errors too.  Looks like a failing/failed drive
> and I would recommend replacing it.  I doubt (but you can try)
> spinrite will help you when you get to this point.
Thought about that, will do that, after running zfs scrub.
Weird thing is that zfs hasn't show any data/checksum errors. Does this
mean successive reads were successful?
> spinrite's website is at grc.com
People are REALLY pushing spinrite lately... I did get it though, just
to try it.
> Hope you have backups or redundancy.  No fun replacing data.
I have both :-).

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