Adam Vande More wrote:
On Tue, Sep 1, 2009 at 8:20 AM, claudiu vasadi <>wrote:
1.) Is it normal for the ifconfig rl0 -alias to remove the "normal" IP and
not the alias one ? (I think that by this syntax it could be right but the
parameter "-alias" is specified and the OS should know to remove the alias
IP and not the normal IP)


Yes, there is no difference between "normal" and alias IP. alias is the
keyword used by the ifconfig utility to add an other IP address to an
interface. All IP addresses bound to an interface are equivalent, I mean
there is any hierarchy of importance of the addresses.

"ifconfig int0 -alias" just happens to remove the first IP address.
You really should use "ifconfig int0 delete"

2) I dnt really understand why am I not able to connect to the second
(alias) ip? It seems that somehow it's dependant to the "normal" one

Yup, you need to re-init networking to regain access.

Most probably, you rendered the default gateway unreachable with the removal
of the IP.

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