2009/8/31 James Phillips <anti_spam...@yahoo.ca>:
>> I have some questions about FreeBSD. The questions I had in
>> mind are:
> Such general questions imply "homework assignment."

Indeed, I found "General features (at least three)? Firewall, GUI,
Networking and
so on." quite amusing.  I am surprised he didn't include the marking
scheme for us and his teacher's email address so that we could save
him the bother of handing it in.

> Somebody already replied with a link to the Handbook: It mainly covers 
> installing and configuring FreeBSD.

If that were the only response, he probably would have just printed
the handbook out and handed it in - given the amount of effort he took
to hide the fact that it was a home work question.

That said, he *might* actually learn something about FreeBSD, which is
probably more than can be said for the rest of his class.
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