>Im having problems accessing my floppy.
>E.g. when using mtools Im getting the following
>       Can't open /dev/fd0.720: Permission denied
>       Cannot initialize 'A:'

ls  -l /dev/fd0.720
crw-r-----  2 root  operator    9,   7 Feb 12 14:30 /dev/fd0.720

uname -r

User is root.

>Also at boot I don't see any fd devices getting
>This is my kernel config:
>       device          fdc0    at isa? port IO_FD1 irq 9 drq 2
>       device          fd0     at fdc0 drive 0

Ok, I guess we are back to this...

My kernel config uses irq 6 for fdc0. Did you change this for
a reason, or was this the default setting?

Did you check the physical connection to the drive? ie, make
sure the ribbon cable and power cable are connected well?

Do you have another floppy drive you can try in this system?
A bad ribbon cable can also cause problems.

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