> The only problem with using DNS round robin like this, is 
> that, in this scenario when 1 server is down, on average 1 in 
> 3 requests to the web server will fail. But as previous 
> posters have commented DNS should respond with the same 3 
> addresses, but it will rotate the order each time, in the 
> version ( named 8.3.4-REL Sun Feb  9 01:23:18 GMT 2003 on 
> 4.7-STABLE of the same date ) I am using it appears to return 
> the addresses in some sort of random order at least it does 
> for me in my test.

In reality, what happens to the user that connects to the offline
server? Can he just refresh his browser and if he then gets one of the
other IP addresses then the page will display fine?

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