Dear Vonage (SM) Customer:
   Thank you = for selecting Vonage. In an attempt to protect your credit
   card from potenti= al fraudulent activities, Vonage has implemented a
   Fraud Protection Pro= gram.
   Vonage wants to ensure that you are aware of the charges = that will
   be appearing on your Credit Card statement and receive your
   authorization to allow such ch= arges to be processed by Vonage.
   If you do not approve of these charg= es or were not aware that your
   credit card is being charged by Vonage p= lease contact Vonage
   immediately at 1-800-266-0026.
   To ensure that there is no disruption in your service please login to
   your V= onage account at
   [1] c/
   If we do not receive this form within five(5) days your se= rvice will
   be suspended and sent to our fraud department for further investi   gation.


   1. 3D"
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