I'd like to suspend my ata disk.

I dug up this old patch in freebsd-mobile and applied to 5.0-RELEASE-p4 and put
hw.ata.suspend=1800 in my loader.conf

I attach the patch.

Two things: 1800 sec == 30 minutes. it suspends waaay before it's been 30
minutes. The same thing happens with 18000 also. I'd say it is at around 3
minutes or so.
Second, it spins right back up almost right after it spins down. I noatime in
all of my mounts. (/export in one disk, /nautilus in another, and a third disk
spliced up into /usr, /var, /, etc) Even for /export and /nautilus which no
process should be touching (and fstat doesn't show anything) the thing spins
back up with in maybe seconds. I mean for the third mentioned disk, i'd suspect
syslogd or some other thing, but since /export is spinning up as well, I didn't

So does anyone know why it spins back up and why the timeout isn't working
quite correctly?

--Seunghun Lee

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