Gary Kline wrote:
        Yes, this works just fine.  I findthat there are about 130 places that 
I need to
track... --yeah, i did over-do it in the time-breaks in my story.
        Is there a way of printing the string/line in the `manuscript' file 
along with the line
        number?  I'm well into a copyedit of the manuscript and would rather 
not start over!

        thanks for this.


        Sorry:: sounds a bit moronic:: not print the blank line/newline!  but 
print the
        NR-1-th line.


The following version should do what you want:

    ncnt = 0
    prev = "BOF"
/^ *$/ {
        if (ncnt > 3) {
                print "Emphasis at " NR ": " prev;
                prev = "-multiple-"
                ncnt = 0;
       {ncnt = 0; prev = $0}


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