Hi, folks!
Having installed a TV-card (WinTV HVR-1100) I now want to use it. there are currently two problems:

1. When I boot into KDE 3.5.10, my artsd is not starting giving the message:

"Can't open /dev/dsp - operation not permitted"

This is happening till I installed and loaded (via /boot/loader.conf) the modules under /usr/ports/multimedia/cx88. Are there any conflicts known which can be solved?

2. When I try to capture a video from my old tape-recorder with the command

cx88 -d /dev/cx88video0 -f name_of_movie.m2t -x /home/frank/cx88.xml

I get the following message:

[cx88] Warning: the -f option is deprecated; please instead use -u with a file:// URL prefix
[cx88] Unable to create cx88 video driver

What does that mean? I thought I had installed the drivers with the port. Can anybody point me to any web resource? I still found


but it doesn't seem to fit my needs.

Greetings Frank

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