On Saturday 08 March 2003 12:32 pm, Mikko Työläjärvi wrote:
> It is more elegant in perl, but dhclient-enter-hooks is a
> shellscript, so it felt easier to just add it there.

/etc/dhclient-enter-hooks needs to be created in any case if you wish to 
use named else it will write an /etc/resolv.conf containing the values 
given by the DHCP server. Something like this is all it takes to keep 
it from changing your resolv.conf:

make_resolv_conf() {

Naturally, one could expand my null'ed make_resolv_conf() to 1) verify 
DNS servers have changed, and 2) write them in /etc/namedb/named.conf, 
then 3) "ndc restart"

My ISP has done something in the past year or so that dhclient thinks 
each and every lease renewal is practically a new lease. 
/etc/resolv.conf gets (actually, only "attempted" now) written on each 
renewal. /var/log/messages gets flooded with this:

Mar  8 21:14:29 grumpy dhclient: New Network Number:
Mar  8 21:14:29 grumpy dhclient: New Broadcast Address:

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