Peter Steele <> wrote:
> Thanks for the responses. The reason I'm looking at doing this is
> that we have increased memory on our platform from 4GB to 8GB and
> therefore have to increase swap space from 8GB to 16GB. We have
> enough space in our /var partition that we could add a swap file
> there and not have to touch the existing partition layout. I like the
> simplicity of the swap file approach, but we have an application that
> is very sensitive to I/O performance and I'm a little wary what this
> could mean. QA I know would have a field day in trying to pound the
> system with all sorts of stress tests. I think a dedicated swap
> partition is probably a safer option.

Nowadays having swap twice as RAM is not necessary. If your system
wasn't swapping much in the past you can safely stay with 4G in my
opinion... extending it to 16G would be waste of space :)
regards, Maciej Suszko.

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