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on FreeBSD 8 Current

I have installed growisofs. I want to burn a DVD R of /path/7.2-RELEASE-p1-i386-disc1.iso .

#growisofs -dvd-compat -Z /dev/cd0=/path/7.2-RELEASE-p1-i386-disc1.iso .

Got this from FreeBSD handbook. Get no such file or directory error. Whats wrong with the syntax?

Caveats about anything I say: 1) I'm using 7.2, and b) I'm using +R media.

Nothing is wrong with the syntax, although your command above says the ISO file is in a directory called /path. Does the directory exist? Is the ISO in that directory? Permissions OK on everything? Does /dev/cd0 point to your burner? And as Adam said, make sure you have atapicam loaded.

I'm also assuming that dot at the end of your line is a period at the end of your sentence, and not part of the command you issued.

Is this the correct way to copy an .iso onto a DVD-R for installs?

It burns the ISO to the disk as a premastered disk, which is what you want in this situation. If you wanted to just copy the ISO as a file, you'd replace the = sign with a space.

Or can I just use burncd like somebody on the BSD forum said they did?

I have no idea what somebody on the BSD forum said  :^)

HTH. Hang loose.

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