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> But I am getting following error when launched from the terminal:
> > # VirtualBox
> > No protocol specified
> > Failed to open the X11 display!

Of course. You are trying to write to the X display as root, but
the display belongs to !root (non-root user, i. e. you).

There's a quick, but very unelegant way to solve this problem:

        # setenv DISPLAY :0.0
        # VirtualBox

The program should then run. If your root shell is a different
one than the standard C shell, have a look at its manpage about
how to modify environment variables.

You need DISPLAY to point at the local device, which is :0.0 in
this case.

There are better ways, such as using xauth.

> When used the Icon created on System>VirtualBox (Using KDE 3.5)
> [...]
> Seems to open for few secs... and suddenly disappears...

Maybe it has to be run as root? In general, it's not a good idea
to run X applications as root.

> Any ideas?

I can only provide some quite generic advices, because I never
used VirtualBox. :-(

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