Just in case there are any netbook manufacturers listening in, or employees of such manufacturers:

What I'd really like to see is a netbook with a regular size screen. I've been shopping around some, and have so far been unable to find what I desire.

What I mean by that is that I want a notebook with a low-power, inexpensive processor and modest memory. That will work fine if one runs an operating system such as FreeBSD.

But I want at least a fourteen inch screen, preferably fifteen inch.

The best advice anyone has been able to give me is to buy a "budget" laptop, or an older model, perhaps used. The older Apple PowerPC laptops are the closest to what I want.

What I want to do with this "big netbook" is to troll community websites while hanging out at cafes, as well as working on my own websites, which are predominantly text - lots of essays and articles.

I used to have a twelve inch Apple iBook, and it did work for me, but I now vastly prefer my fifteen inch MacBook Pro. The problem with the MacBook Pro is that it is a very expensive unit, it is the main source of my livelihood, and I fear it being damaged or stolen if I use it to troll all those community websites using the WiFi at Starbucks.

So what I want is a second notebook just for cafe use, so I can leave my MacBook Pro at home. This "big netbook" needs to be inexpensive enough that it wouldn't be that big a deal if it were stolen, or seriously damaged.

Just viewing web pages or writing in a text editor shouldn't require a lot of CPU power or memory. It wouldn't need CD/DVD or floppy drives. It wouldn't need Bluetooth, just 802.11 networking. It wouldn't need a webcam built into the lid. It wouldn't need a very big hard drive. Because the electronics would be low-power, it wouldn't need a fan.

An Atom or ARM processor would be just fine for such a unit. If it were running FreeBSD or Linux, I expect that 512 MB would be *far* more than enough memory.

I'm pretty sure that if someone were to actually produce such a "big netbook", there would be lots more potential customers than just myself. I have actually considered purchasing one of the netbooks of today, but after looking them over, I have to say that their tiny screens would be very disruptive to my writing Muse.

Thank You All For Humouring Me On This.

Michael David Crawford

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