My Apache 2.2 instances are running about 18 Meg each. I've been thinking about doing something to trim these down, and I think tomorrow is the day to take action. They are getting out of hand.

I've done a bit of research on this. I think the way to get started is to eliminate unused modules. Problem is, I know which ones I need, since I purposefully added them. I *don't* know which ones I don't need, if you see what I mean, since I inherited them from the default configuration.

I assume that some are critical to the basic operation of Apache. I am hoping I can google a list of these tomorrow. Obviously these I'll have to live with.

But what about the set that is left after I remove the ones the system needs, and the ones I need? How do I know which ones I can safely turn off? All I can think of is a trial and error process (i.e., turn them off one by one and see if anything breaks.)

Is there a better way?

-- John
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