On 07 Mar Subhasish Ghosh wrote:
> So..what you should have done was to install Linux
> as ext2fs and not ext3fs... :( Nothing can be done..
> Sorry!!! anyway..this should act as a good lesson for
> you... if you wanna migrate...totally from Linux to
> FreeBSD as you have written you want to...make sure
> you know the basics correctly and properly.... I use
> Linux, FreeBSD and OpenBSD on the same computer....

Not only do I dislike the "feel" of your statements, I think they're
wrong as well.
Here I have no problem whatsoever accessing my linux ext3 partitions
from my FreeBSD-4.7R computers. Someone mentioned: ext3=ext3+jounaling
and that's quite appropiate. Mount your ext3 partition as ext2 in fbsd
and make sure you do this *ro* Reading date from it won't be a problem.

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