Thanks in advanced. Sorry for the crosspost, but I know some of you FreeBSD 
developers do this all the time. Note the naming scheme ... wink wink.
Okay fine, so I couldn't resit the developer like apache cvs tags :)

say I have
branches: RELENG_1(stable/prod), RELENG_2(release/qa), HEAD(current/devel)
branch point tags:    RELENG_1_BP, RELENG_2_BP
tags: p6_RELENG_1_0_PRE1, p6_RELENG_1_0_PRE2, RELENG_1_0, RELENG_1_1_PRE1 
       p6_RELENG_1_1, RELENG_2_0

eventually equivalents for RELENG_3 will be created from HEAD and support for 
RELENG_1 dropped.

now say my respository has 4 files

I change the last 3 on HEAD.  Now a week later I want to MFC these changes and 
only these changes from HEAD to RELENG_2 branch. One of the big problems I 
have here is say that during the previously mentioned week, I change 
and dir/  I only want the initial changes MFC'ed as I have not had a 
"burn in" period long enough to move the back from the devel branch (HEAD) to 
our qa branch(RELENG_2). I think I have to add more tags to the tree to do 
this, but I am not sure.

Please don't confuse this with wanting to merge branches into the trunk.  That 
I know how do and it is not what I want.

From FreeBSD, theres how we MCF new files.
How do we change this to MFC multiples that already exist ?

 % cd sys/alpha/include
    % cvs update -rRELENG_4
    cvs update: Updating .
    U clockvar.h
    U console.h
    % cvs update -kk -Ap smp.h > smp.h
    Checking out smp.h
    RCS:  /usr/cvs/src/sys/alpha/include/smp.h,v
    VERS: 1.1
    % cvs add smp.h
    cvs add: scheduling file `smp.h' for addition on branch `RELENG_4'
    cvs add: use 'cvs commit' to add this file permanently
    % cvs commit

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