Hi folks..

I've got FreeBSD 4.7 running as my router to the net from local systems.

I am wanting the output from 'security run output' to be sent to my isp email 

The problem is that it's sending the mail to me but bouncing because it's 
sending from FBSD.npgcable.com which fails the dns lookup the isp uses.

I tried masqerading as just npgcable.com and that sorta works.. I now get the 
bounced emails to this address.. I aliased root to admin account and admin 
account to my address here.

Is there a way to tell it to NOT use From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] ?  To just 

Or maybe another way all together to get it to mail me here on my local net 
from the router with out going through the ISP?

I am useing the advice from the handbook 
which is only halfway working.

Thanks for any further advice :)


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