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Hasn't 6.x been End Of Lifed? I mean considering that 8.0 is expected to be released either later this month or early next, and 6.x will be officially retired at that time, is it possible that this was overlooked? Personally I don't think it's ever good to overlook security, especially in the case of a root exploit.

Nope.  6.3 (RELENG_6_3) will be supported until at least 31 January 2010
while 6.4 (RELENG_6_4) and 6-STABLE (RELENG_6) will be supported until at
least 30 November 2010 by the Security team.

There are no more releases planned from the RELENG_6 branch, but that's not
the same as 'unsupported' -- patches and advisories will be issued until the
dates listed, and quite usually beyond that.



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