I know this doesn't belong on this list, but I can't find any information
about it at all, anywhere.  First off, if anyone can point me to information
in lieu of a direct answer, that would be just as helpful.  I've searched
Apple's site, google at large and the chaos at the mkisofs homepage.

Here's the problem:
FreeBSD server that serves files up for Windows and Mac OS X machines (using
Samba and Netatalk).  It has a CD burner in it that is used to archive old
projects.  I have a perl script written that presents a GUI that a user can
pick a directory and click a button to burn it to CD.
FreeBSD is 4.4, cdrtools is 2.0.
Here is the command I'm using to burn the CD:
output = `/usr/local/bin/mkisofs -J -r -apple --netatalk -allow-multidot 
-allow-lowercase $target | /usr/local/bin/cdrecord speed=16 dev=4,0 -`

$target is the directory to burn.

The result is a CD that works fine on FreeBSD and Windows, but on Mac OS X
it shows all the files and directorys just fine, but the data is corrupt.
It appears as though the resource fork is fine, as images have a viewable
thumbnail, but the data itself is unusable.

Has anyone else seen this, or has any thoughts as to what I might be doing
wrong.  The biggest irritation is that it used to work just fine, and I
don't remember changing anything.  I can't find any information on Apple's
site about problems with CDs, so I'm assuming that I've broken something,
but can't imagine what it might be.

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies

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