FreeBSD 4.2, PC 512MMB RAM, 2- HD 60 & 40 Mb.

     System found in indeterminate state, assumed power failure
     problem. Several reboot and boot attempts failed.
     Re-installed O/S, system came back up, data intact on 2nd HD
     but not seen in fstab file, remount etc. OK smooth running,

     Doing a tar xf from a CDROM, system went into a "block size"
     error, starting a "disc sync" mode followed by a "reboot"
     condition but never came back up.

     Seems as if Win start up disk required in floppy drive and
     FreeBSD distr. Disk 1 reqd. in cdrom for a "boot"

Any idea of what could be causing this and possible solution(s)


--  Joe  --

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