Steve Bertrand wrote:
I'm looking potentially to try a different mail server setup. I'm
requesting honest feedback from experienced mail ops.

My minimum requirements:

- IPv6 for all protocols
- IMAP|POP3 must support SSL
- submit on 587
- MySQL backend for un/pw, vpopmail preferred, but not mandatory
- Maildir storage preferred
- easy (ie: well documented) integration with SA/clam
- integration with maildrop .mailfiter preferred

Right now I use a system wrapped around Qmail, and honestly, I just
don't want to patch for IPv6 anymore.

I've broken my personal system, so while I work on re-hacking
everything, I thought I'd solicit some new ideas. I've been using the
same email system pretty much across the board for seven years or so, so
perhaps I should look at other options.

Please cc me, as this addr isn't subscribed. I won't be receiving my
list email from my backup mx until tomorrow, as it were ;)

For an MTA: postfix does everything you want, it's not too shabby speed wise
and the config files are reasonably comprehensible.

For an IMAP/POP3 server: dovecot has the required functionality and unless you're dealing with thousands of user accounts it's probably a better alternative
for you than the nuclear option of cyrus-imapd.



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