>     I'm getting the error "Signal 11 was caught", just after committing to
> the install. The system then shuts down and reboots. I have run the
> installer several times, and get the same error each time. I have turned on
> Debug in the options, but I have no idea how to access it without the OS
> having been loaded. (Yes, I'm a newbie)

signal 11 is usually a hardware problem. Does it always happen at the
same place.

>     I'm trying to install on a multi-partition drive, so I can switch
> between several different OS's. I've created three Install floppies,
> (kern.flp, mfsroot.flp, & drivers.flp), and am attempting an FTP install. I
> am installing all the drivers from the drivers floppy, since the directions
> on the web site don't mention it at all. I can't find any error list, so I
> have no idea what "signal 11" means.

5.0 is the development branch, and isn't a good place for a newbie to
start. I'd recommend getting 4.7, or waiting a bit and getting 4.8
when it's released, and trying to install that. Not only is it more
likely to work, but the group answering questions has much more
cumulative experience with it, so is more likely to be able to help

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