On Wednesday 16 September 2009 20:58:45 Peter Steele wrote:
> >Not really, unless you manually change master. However I believe this also
> > causes a slight or even bigger network outage. Any reason you're not
> > using loadbalance algorithm, since it seems to suit you better?
> Our resident network guru is quite opposed to using the loadbalancing
>  option since it comes with a lot of potentially undesirable baggage of its
>  own...

Then your best option is to patch lagg(4) with an "avail" algorithm, that 
prefers $master and sticks with an interface till it's detected down. When 
done properly the chances are good to get this into base.
Another approach would be to change the failover with a 'fader' algorithm, 
that gradually fades from one nic to the other, kind of like an audio mixer, 
though I'm not sure if that's possible and would work satisfactory.
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