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: >   Feel a little confused with the ad-hoc mode set by "wicontrol -p
: > 3", is it Lucent ad-hoc mode instead of the standard IEEE ad-hoc
: > mode (IBSS).
: Correct.  It's generally called "demo ad-hoc mode".

-p is card dependent number.  It depends on what card you have, what
firmware, etc.  Don't use it.  It is bad juju.  Instead, use the
ifconfig interface.

: > But if I set it to "-p 4", it can do the job. However, I cannot find
: > this option in wicontrol man page or anywhere. Could somebody
: > explain me what's going on here?
: I don't know a -p 4.  I set ad-hoc (i.e. IBSS) mode with -p 1 (in
: other words, exactly the same way as managed/BSS mode).  You'll need
: at least one IBSS, of course.  Set that with -c 1.  Ignore the claim
: in the man page that it doesn't work.  I run my wireless network like
: this, and it interoperates fine with Linux and even Microsoft.  See
: for more details.

Don't do that.  You are asking for trouble.  IT DOES NOT WORK.  Trust
me.  There are a lot of situations where it can be made to work, but
as general advise, it sucks.  That's why the man pages say what they
say.  Greg leads a charmed life.  That's why the man pages say what
they say.

: Yes, this is very confusing.  I've been asking the maintainer to
: change the terminology, but he points out that the other BSDs do it
: this way as well.

I think you need to learn to ask better.  The maintainer uses industry
standard terminology.

don't use wicontrol -p for anything.  If it breaks, it breaks in
mysterious ways and you get a lot of 'works for me.' posts.

In -stable, you want something like

ifconfig wi0 media DS/11Mbps mediaopt ibss-craete       # ibss mode (adhoc)
ifconfig wi0 media DS/11Mbps mediaopt adhoc             # lucent

is what you want to use.

In current, by contrast, you want to use the following:

ifconfig wi0 media DS/11Mbps mediaopt adhoc             # ibss mode (adhoc)
ifconfig wi0 media DS/11Mbps mediaopt adhoc,flag0       # lucent

You do not want to use wicontrol to configure the card at all.


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