On Thu, Sep 17, 2009 at 07:39:20PM +0100, Chris Whitehouse wrote:
> Gary Kline wrote:
> >this is only to the few hundred of you guys who read the slice of my 
> >novel.  before i invest
> >another twenty minutes in it, i'd be much obliged how many of you would 
> >actually buy th ebook.
> >WEll, either ebook of pod. please answer only offlist; i'm asking here 
> >because this is where most of you guys know me.  
> >
> >real question:  anybody know when the latest OOo package will be 
> >available? by sheer
> >carelessness i blew mine away.  the only pkg on good-day is the amd........
> >
> >can anybody build me  a cp of OOo.311. i'm still running i386 7.1.   on 
> >ubuntu, only 2.4, :(
> you could _try_ one from here 
> http://freebsd-custom.wikidot.com/downloads-page
> it's 3.1.0 and FreeBSD 7.2 but it might do the trick.
> Chris

        i've got the page bookmarked, thanks.  and thanks to glenn for making 
        site available.  (just a small fwiw, but i must've blown part of evo 
away because ir
        fails.  kmail still works, tho.  )


        ps: i must really be tutrning into a feed; time for 
freebsd-for-dummies.  =sigh=

        pps.  thank for all 2 of you re my soon-to-be best selling novel 

> >
> >
> >tx in advance,
> >
> >gary
> >
> >:wq

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