> Does anyone know of command line virus scanners (open source or
> commercial) that work with FreeBSD 7.2 and Exim??

Clamav, open source, in the ports, command line and daemon mode.

Kaspersky, commercial, command line and daemon mode for the mail
server package (something undocumented called aveserver and aveclient).

The advantage of a daemon scanner, when used in conjunction with a
mail server is that the scanner runs in the background and scans the
files that are submited to it, as the scanner is always running, it
does not take time loading the virus patterns every time, so there is
no start-up over head (few seconds) and the scan is very fast.

I think there are others, but these are the one I use. They both
integrate fine in amavisd-new (and I beleive amavisd-new works with


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