I started to use samba with freebsd and I cant say that I am
satisfied with the performance of it. Specifically on my local 100Mbits
network the samba read speed on the server (athlon 1700) is < 1Mbit/sec,
while the write speed is much much worse.

If I ftp to that machine I have read speed of minimum 7Mbits/sec.

I am puzzled why the samba has so much worse performance.

Is anyone that using samba on his freebsd machine without any
performance loss? 

Or what typical read/write speeds do usually achieve on your samba
+freebsd machine?

Also if you have extra tips and tricks about samba and freebsd that can
boost the performance, they would be much appreciated. About tunning
parameters and so on....This machine will be the main server of a
laboratory of the university, and its not acceptable to have a low

Thanks very much in advance!!

P.s. I searched the net and I saw the people suggested changing the
net.inet.tcp.delayed_ack value, or measuring with tcpdump the MSS window
size and trying to put a formula on it to calculate the parameter
Of the samba and various other tricks....Do they have a point?

P.s.2 I am also mounting with SUIDDIR the filesystems. Does this make a
performance loss?

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