In the last episode (Mar 04), charles pelletier said:
> You are on the right track, but, i'm more interested in NOT dealing
> with Mp3s. I want to be able to, say, load a 7 cdrom tower (nothing
> but scsci cdroms, all chained, with an external scsi port) with cds,
> then play direct from there. Basically, I want a jukebox. Although I
> may try the mod port.

You'll need to encode it into some format to stream them.  You can
probably whip up a cgi that given cd# and track#, launches cdda2wav
that pipes its output to lame, which then writes its mp3 to stdout and
to the browser.  cdda2wav has cddb hooks, so you can probably use it to
generate your selection list on the fly as well.

        Dan Nelson

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