My next question is: Is it actually the plan to use ZFS as official root filesystem in FreeBSD, eventually replacing UFS? Is ZFS actually designed for that use?


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2009/9/17 Anselm Strauss <>

I've read and tried out that FreeBSD is able to boot from ZFS directly, also with GPT partitions, through zfsboot and gptzfsboot. When I tried the last time 8-CURRENT it was however not built into the release CD. Will this be included in the final release image? Is there any plan to include GPT and ZFS setup in sysinstall during an initial installation?

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To big a rewrite needed i think. I've heard of plans to potentially release a graphical installer based on pc-bsd, which will do all the bells an whistles. Not sure what stage its at though.

The biggest thing we need for the release is for the loader to be compiled with zfs support in. It seems to have been in and out over the past few months so i try to make sure i have my own version specially compiled with it in.

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