Albert Shih wrote:
So I just buy a
        Trendnet TEW-424UB

wifi usb adapter. I find this in the
        man zyd

but when I plug my adapter (after add if_zyd_load="YES" in my loader.conf
and reboot) it's not working.

According to , there are two revisions of that device with totally different chipsets.

Unfortunately, that is pretty common for wireless devices with only a few companies being exceptions.

BTW: If you want to get a zyd device, be sure to get a ZD1211B version (see the source for hints which ones are). I had a ZD1211 (without B) that happened to cause kernel panics under load on FreeBSD 7. From my experience, ural or rum devices are stable. (I know nothing about uath, upgt, and urtw.) If you have that choice, cardbus or PCI tend to be better than USB, especially ath devices work well.

Jan Henrik
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