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> In summary, can anyone help me write code that:
> 1) puts my daemon to sleep, awaking only when either a timer has expired,
> data has arrived one of the controlled serial ports, or the user has
> invoked some interface from a script or command line utility.

Select on Posix. kqueue on FreeBSD is more flexible though.

> 2) Daemonizes my program (dissasociating itself from the terminal)

See the daemon function, though I'm not sure if it's
posix-compliant. The man page describes what it does, though.

> 3) Accepts commands and/or data from scripts or command line utilities.

popen is the call you want.

> 4) Call other programs, and pass them parameters.

popen if you want to read their output or send them input. system if
you don't. fork and exec* for absolute control.

> 5) Read the system clock.


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