Hi Everybody,

I am using a FreeBSD 4.7p7 box as the gateway to the
Internet in my home.

I saw a very starnge behavior accessing mail.yahoo.com
from a connected Apple MacOS (but also from any other
PC), the first attempt to resolve the names replies an
error. If I repeat the request everything is fine. If
I wait some minutes all the sequence repeats...

It seems BIND is answering with an error.. so I saw
that mail.yahoo.com has two addresses (with nslookup),
and that it returns one of them in an altternate way,
but all the two addresses are ok, if accessed directly
as IP from the browser.

>From a couple of week, also www.apple.com has the same

The twos are handled by akadns.net

Has anybody experienced this problem?

Thanks you!


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