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On Thu, 6 Mar 2003, Edmond Baroud wrote:
> man named.conf
> search for Ordering, round, robin or cyclic
> that is a "feature" and not a strange behaviour.

If he's getting valid responses back, sometimes directing him to one IP
and sometimes another...  That's round-robin.  Since he specifically
mentions mail.yahoo.com, however, as well as errors and/or a lack of
response, I suspect that's not the real or only issue.

> Quoting Paolo M ([EMAIL PROTECTED]):
> > I am using a FreeBSD 4.7p7 box as the gateway to the
> > Internet in my home.

Do you discard UDP fragments on the firewall?  See firewall(7).  (Search
for "frag".)  It's possible that queries requiring large responses are
getting dropped at your firewall.


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