--- Scott Long <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
[Dell PowerEdge]
> What model?  There are quite a few PowerEdges out

It's a 600SC - P4 1.8 - Perc3/SC

Since new, I've added a Plextor CD-RW (IDE), Lite-On
DVD-ROM (IDE), and an ATI All-In-Wonder VE (7500,

> > These machines come with integrated video, an ATI
[Complications with integrated RageXL and PCI version
of the ATI AIW VE...  NMI halts]

> As a wild guess, what happens when you remove the
> EISA device from the kernel?

I tried this as well.  Unfortunately, removing the
EISA device did nothing to relieve the problem with
the NMI.  The only thing that cleared it up was adding
'hw.pci.enable_io_modes=0' in /boot/device.hints.

This was the case, at least, with 5.0-RELEASE.  I've
yet to see what happens with -CURRENT.  Perhaps I'll
try and cvsup -CURRENT, remove
'hw.pci.enable_io_modes=0', and see what happens.

> There have been problems in the past with ATAPI/IDE
> drives that claim DMA capabilities but instead
corrupt data
> and/or cause panics.  Forcing everything to PIO is
> easiest way to achieve maximum compatibility.  The
ata manual
> page describes what to put into /boot/loader.conf to
> force them back using DMA.

I pulled these two drives from a WinXP machine, and
based on the transfer method reported in XP, it was
using DMA.  No stability issues were noted, at least
in regard to XP.  I've been running them under 5.0 now
for a few days, burned a few CD's and played a few
DVD's without stability issues either -- thankfully.

I'll check out the above referenced manual page and
make the suggested changes.  Thank you for the tip.

[About permanently disabling the integrated video]
> Does the motherboard have a jumper that will disable
> it?

Unfortunately, no.  I've even contacted Dell regarding
this as I could find no information in the
documentation provided with the system.  They simply
stated that when another video card is installed, the
integrated video is disabled.  They also mentioned
that this type of configuration "is not supported." 
I've looked for jumpers on the motherboard itself and
only found jumpers for clearing the BIOS password...
nothing else.
Thank you once again, Scott, for your help.  It was
very much appreciated.

- John Wilson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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