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> Subject: RE: Looking up libraries and header files
> David Southwell writes:
> >  One problem
> >  
> >  How about ports that are not installed?
> >  
> >  Is there another route that will deal with stuff not on the system?
>       I'm not quite sure what you're asking here; perhaps you 
> could give a scenario?
>       The above methods only work for things that are 
> properly installed/registered with the ports(/packages) 
> system.  If you've installed something not from a port ... 
> you're on your own.
My scenario is a port is compiling but complains about the absense of a
header or a file from a port that has NOT been installed on the system. I
have had this a few times when essential source was in a port not listed as
a dependency.

What I am thinking of is a centrally maintained database of all header and
library files available to the port system. 


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