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2009/10/3 Glen Barber <glen.j.bar...@gmail.com>:
 > On Sat, Oct 3, 2009 at 10:04 AM, Vince Sabio <vi...@vjs.org> wrote:
 >> I need to install zlib (not zlibc), and AFACT it is not included in ports.
 When I look at the zlib web site, I see that there are several (not a lot,
 but several) dependencies for the installation -- and I think, "OH NO, NOT
 DEPENDENCIES!" Or something like that.

 >> I blame it on ports. They have made me lazy. I am a victim. ;-)
 > They should have meetings once a week or something... :-)

If they had them, I'd be a candidate.

 >> Anyway, and more to the point, am I missing something? Is zlib really not
 included in ports? If not, is there an automated/semi-automated means of
 installing it -- or am I back to the old days of installing dependencies
 >> manually?
 > I'll assume you mean the zlib compression library.

Yes, that's probably what it is.

 > I found a few with:
 >  cd /usr/ports; make search key="zlib"

Worked for me. Muchas gracias.

Based on what I read at http://www.zlib.net/
The latest version (1.2.3) is in base:

I don't know if I had a screwy install (I wouldn't put it past the stoopit sysadmin) (oh wait, that's me) or what -- but while I had the man page for zlib, I apparently it wasn't actually installed. Someone is trying to install some web-site-management kit on the machine, and it complained that zlib wasn't installed. Seems to be installed now; I guess, at some point, I'll find out if the web kit installer is happy now.

Many thanks for the assistance on this.

Vince Sabio                                                  vi...@vjs.org
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