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Aflatoon Aflatooni writes:

I am getting a lot of core dumps and Apache20 freezing.
I have installed the porting using the following make:

make WITHOUT_MODULES="ssl status speling imap auth_dbm auth_digest dav dav_fs
cern_meta cgi include" install

any suggestions as to how I might find out what is causing the problem and the
core dumps.

The first thing I'd try is re-including the excluded modules.
If you no longer get the crashes, you can start narrowing in on which
one is involved.  If you still get the crashes, you'll have to start
looking at the core files.

I'm assuming you're not used to using a debugger on a core file,
on the theory that you would have done that already if you were
comfortable with it.

I originally had them included and I was getting the core dumps, but I removed 
them because I don't need them and I am still getting the core dumps.

This is a production box and it would be hard to have debugger turned on.
I don't know if it would be helpful, but PHP is also really slow on this 
machine. I know that PHP would cause a dump in the php.core file and not 

How do I inspect the core file to find out which module caused it?


Have you any special php5 modules loaded. I had a problem with I want to recall three or more extensions that would cause apache2X to dump core or halt in doing any further actions upon request.

If the above is the case you can disable some or all of your php5-extensions in local/etc/php/extensions.ini to test it out.

Best of luck.


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