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On Wed, 7 Oct 2009, Philip Jocks wrote:

I had a file /usr/.snap/dump_snapshot being about 15GB in size, which I removed because the partition was filling up. The file's date was always rather current, so I'm wondering, what it was for? I did do a level 0 dump with -0 and -Lau parameters a few weeks ago and always do dumps on other boxes, but never saw a file in the .snap directory growing. For the other partitions, there are no such files, that's why I'm wondering.
Maybe someone can shed some light on this for me.

man -P 'less +/-L' dump

explains it a bit. The snapshot file is supposed to go away after dump completes, but in your case dump died or was killed before it unlinked the file.

Yes, but when there's no currently running dump process, should that file be growing or updated?

Not unless something else is creating a snapshot (mksnap_ffs(8)). snapinfo -v on that filesystem might help. Or lsof.

BTW: is everyone else getting messages from the list twice, once with the list's signature, once without?

Normal procedure on the FreeBSD mailing lists is to respond to the message and CC the list (or vice versa) so replies are visible to everyone. If your mail setup allows it, mail/procmail can weed out duplicates and sort mail into folders.

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