Thanks.  That took care of the problem.

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2009/10/7 Jay Hall <>
Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am using rsync to backup some information and I am having some problem with including and excluding directories.

I want to include everything in the user's mail directory and everything in the user's documents directory. Everything else should be excluded. And, it is possible to have multiple users on a single computer.

Following is what I am using for my include/exclude patterns.

+ /Users/*/Library/Mail/
+ /Users/*/Documents/
- /Users/*/Documents/*
- /Users/*/Library/*

This gives me close to the desired result. However, there are some extra files included which I do not need to backup which are stored in /Users/username directory.

If I add -/Users/*, no files are backed up.

After reading the man pages and several examples, I thought I had a handle on this. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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try adding this line to the top

+ /Users/*

then this to the bottom

- /Users/*/*

I use lists like this at work a lot and you have to be careful. The ordering of the rules is very important. The common on for people to get wrong is the mysql rules.. We generally dont copy the binary db files as they would never be consistent, so we dump the db else where and exclude the files. Except we need to capture the my.cnf file. The following ruleset does it

+ /var/db/mysql
+ /var/db/mysql/my.cnf
- /var/db/mysql/**

If you deviate from this things dont tend to work.

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