On Sun, Mar 09, 2003 at 01:43:33PM -0500, taxman wrote:
> On Saturday 08 March 2003 06:33 am, Miroslaw J. Wiechowski wrote:
> > The system installation program does not give me any
> > working configuration. The best I could get was some
> > ugly display with standard VGA, configured by XFree86 -configure.
> >
> > Did anyone succeed with this Intel i810e chip and 1024x768
> > resolution at all?
> Getting hardware detection working well for every single chipset out there is 
> pretty tough.   The i810 is pretty common, but pretty wacky too it seems.
> This'll sound funny, but try knoppix.  It has amazing hardware autodetection.  
> Boot with it then save your Xfree config file (it's in the same place) to 
> floppy or something.  Copy that over to FreeBSD and it'll likely work once 
> you've followed the other suggestions people have had.  You may need to edit 
> out some of the font dir's that aren't installed on your FreeBSD system, but 
> that should be about it.
> get knoppix at:
> http://www.knopper.net/knoppix/index-en.html
> or google for knoppix mini iso, as there are some of those out there for a 
> smaller download.
> Anyway that's how i finally got my Xfree config to work perfectly with my 
> monitor/video card

        I assume that "knoppix" fits onto a CDROM.... (without having
        checked).  IIRC (and who knows?) I believe I had my i815 working
        at 1280x1024 before my 17" tube went south--(bad v. regulator)--
        and I had to use a 15" generic CRT at 1024x768. 

        With the expertise that has been share around on this list 
        re the i810, I've got my /etc/XF86Config working at 1024x768.
        (I'll share it with anyone who wants or post it on my website
        and give the URL....)

        I have a 19" tube now, and would like to drive it at a higher
        resolution.  Nothing I seem to know, tho, seems to get me more
        than 1024x768.  



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