I am trying to record audio input to a raw audio file using the comand:

 $ cat /dev/dspW > audio.file.raw

This produces and error "cannot open /dev/dsp [device busy]" (using dsp, 
dsp0.0....). I tried the command fstat | dsp (as recommended in the hand 
book), it did not find any application using that device. I do not have X 
running so KDE, GNOME, and what  ever windows like programs are not running.  
I have check the /var directory for any locks, I did not find any. 

 pcm0: <ESS Technology Maestro-2> port 0xf800-0xf8ff irq 5 at device 4.0 on 

-cat /dev/sndstat:
FreeBSD Audio Driver (newpcm)
Installed devices:
pcm0: <ESS Technology Maestro-2> at I/O port 0xf800 irq 5 (4p/0r/4v channels 
duplex default)

-I have setup 4 virtual channel, following the instruction in the handbook.

-I am able to play audio CD's and realplayer.

I notice that the the devices audio, dsp, dspW ... do not exist, but the 
devices audio0.x, dsp0.x, dspW0.x .... do exist. Do I need to create the dsp, 
audio, dspW .... devices?  What does the statment"(4p/0r/4v channels duplex 
default)" found in the output of the sndstat indicate?  
Thank you 

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