Randi Harper wrote:

I was thinking that a more acceptable default layout (leaving swap at it's
current default size) would be:

/ = 1GB
/var = 2GB
/tmp = 2GB

One thing to remember is that these are just suggested defaults. Most
experienced users are going to use a custom layout when setting up a new
server, so the goal here is to have partition sizes that work for everyone
else. Although FreeBSD does work on older hardware, I'd guess that most of
the hardware it is being installed on now is less than 10 years old. The
defaults we currently have in place are outdated. They are targeted more for
older systems, perhaps because sysinstall hasn't been touched in quite a

I'm looking for community input on this, so feel free to pipe up with your

I believe it's been years since I didn't bump up the sizes on an install, otherwise I just end up with all this space where it's least likely to save me from a filled disk in the future. While I am actually running some hardware that is over 10 years old with FreeBSD, quite happily, every single hard drive involved has been replaced due to failure or as a preventative measure.

You just can't get general purpose disks that small anymore....I'd think that assuming everyone had at least 10 GB disks at this point would be reasonable.

I'm all for increased defaults.


--Jon Radel

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