Gary Kline wrote:
        Whenever I save a wordpeocessoe file [OOo, say] into a
        text file, I get a slew of hex codes to indicate the char to be
        used.  I'm looking for a perl one-liner or script to translate
        hex back into ', ", -- [that's a dash), and so forth.  Why does
        this fail to trans the hex code to an apostrophe?

perl -pi.bak -e 's/\xe2\x80\x99/'/g'
        If there any another other tools, I'm interested!

That's a problem with shell quoting rather than perl.  You're using '
as the delimiter on your command line, so you need to escape any instances
within commands.  Or you can replace a literal ' with the ASCII character
code \x27.

However, in the more general sense what you are doing is replacing certain
UTF-8 character codes with similar characters from the ASCII range.  That
sounds to me like a job for iconv(1) -- in ports as converters/libiconv



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